Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pastina for Lunch

Today I made pasta for lunch. It was itty bitty pasta called pastina. First, I put water in the pot. Second, I put it on the stove and mommy turned it on. Next I waited for it to boil. Mommy kept saying, "Mommom always said a watched pot never boils!" Once it boiled I poured the pasta in and I stirred it. Gloria was not happy because she wasn't allowed to stir the pot because it was hot. Next we drained the pasta. Mommy helped me with that part. Then I cut some butter and put it in the pot. Next I stirred the butter in the pasta and it melted right away. Finally I served it in the bowls. 

We ate it with cheese at the coffee table in the family room. Mommy told me that Nonna and Mommom used to make pastina for her. Gloria kept saying, "Mmmmm!" She also said,"Delicious," and "Yummy, yummy, yummy!"
When Gloria went to bed for her nap we wrote about the pasta.


  1. Leah,
    That is SO cool that you made lunch! It looks delicious. We loved reading your blog. Keep writing! And think of some new scramble words for next time we come over!
    <3 Miss Ali & Mr. Bill

  2. Leah, Pastina is one of my favorites! Mommom would make it for us frequently! You continue to amaze me! Love you lots! Love, Aunt Re