Thursday, July 2, 2015

Going to the beach

         On Saturday I am going to the beach! Nonna, John,and I are going to do beach walks super early in the morning. Today is July 2nd I packed my bag on Monday. But my family haven't even started packing yet. Which means that when they are packing I get time to myself. Tomorrow I'm going to Nonna 's house to help her pack up all the food for the beach.

        My dads friend Jack will help take care of my dogs Humphrey,Cassie and Bo for the week while my family and I are at the beach. Jack will feed the dogs and play with them. I will miss them.

        On July sixth  my dad and I are going to the arcade! The arcade is on the board walk. I can't wait to play skee ball and wack a mole. For each of the games I get tickets. At the end i can trade my tickets in for a cool toy. The arcade will be so much fun.
        I'm also excited about the rides at the beach. Since the Sea Isles rides closed because of the damage from hurricane Sandy. So we are going to go to ocean city's rides because it's the closest place were there are rides.

       After I get all my shells well go back to the beach house and paint the shells. I'm bringing the paint and brushes. At Joann fabrics I picked out four sets of paint three solid colors and one glittar paint. I can't wait to paint all my shells!

      Here I come beach!