Monday, September 8, 2014

Dog in school

Once a dog came in my school.First he went to the principal. The Principal jumped on her desk she was so scared. Later the dog went to the art room ? I don't know what she was doing she knocked over all the paints,brushes,and all the other art supplies . Then she went to the music room played the tuba spit gum in the tuba  later a kid came in played the tuba the gum spattered out on mr.matts face he yelled and yelled . Finally a lady kicked him out. 
He landed down his chimney and landed on his owner

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My first day of second grade

It was my first day of second grade. First I unpacked my supplies. Next, I had Spanish class (espanol class). We learned how to say me llamo and our names. Then we reviewed counting to ten in Spanish. Then we learned to count to 20. Before Spanish we had snack. It was the morning. Then we played a name game. We had to describe ourselves and say our names. I said lighthearted Leah. It was a great day. 

Monkeys on the run

Once a zookeeper saw the monkey's cage was open. A monkey ran out then the others ran out. The monkeys said yay! I'm so excited I'm FREE!They went to the lion. The zookeeper chased them.🙈🙉🙊🙀.The lion said o my. Then the lion ran out then the zookeeper  said ot ou. The lion chased the monkeys. He growled  at the monkeys. They got scared and they ran back to the cage. They were so excited until the lion started running after them and growling. The lion ran into the cage and tried to bite the monkeys tails. The zookeeper said o no! So the monkeys ran faster and faster and faster. Then they saw a vine and they swung and swung. The lion tried to bite the monkeys tails again. And then the zookeeper told him LION! COME HERE RIGHT NOW! So he did and he went into his own cage. The monkeys felt great to be home.