Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pastina for Lunch

Today I made pasta for lunch. It was itty bitty pasta called pastina. First, I put water in the pot. Second, I put it on the stove and mommy turned it on. Next I waited for it to boil. Mommy kept saying, "Mommom always said a watched pot never boils!" Once it boiled I poured the pasta in and I stirred it. Gloria was not happy because she wasn't allowed to stir the pot because it was hot. Next we drained the pasta. Mommy helped me with that part. Then I cut some butter and put it in the pot. Next I stirred the butter in the pasta and it melted right away. Finally I served it in the bowls. 

We ate it with cheese at the coffee table in the family room. Mommy told me that Nonna and Mommom used to make pastina for her. Gloria kept saying, "Mmmmm!" She also said,"Delicious," and "Yummy, yummy, yummy!"
When Gloria went to bed for her nap we wrote about the pasta.


 I love Gloria. This is a picture of Gloria when she was born.

👭💛 she is so cute Gloria's so big now she goes on the potty.! Gloria's favorite color is yellow. Gloria loves sudsy. Gloria loves swimming with me. Gloria likes dress up.

 Gloria loves me. I love Gloria too. Gloria talks so much.


Friday, July 18, 2014

My Dog Humphrey

Humphrey's sitting with me. I love Humphrey because he snuggles me. 

I love Humphrey. Humphrey lets me put fancy things on him.

Humphrey is a golden retriever he is14 years old. Humphrey is very old in dog years.💛 I like Humphrey because he doesn't run around as much as he used to. Humphrey has a hard time hearing sometimes. 

Humphrey lets me sit on him. 

Humphrey is the best!!

New York

 One day i went  to new york. I was with nonna margaret re and mommy.

Then i saw pippin.  They juggled and sang. Nonna got me a book.

Gloria did not come because shes not old enofe. Aunt re got me a shirt . I liked every thing.after pippin we ate dinner then my mom and Margaret went to another show .Re and Nonna stayed with me when mommy and Margaret came back we were very tired. Finally we went to bed.